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Fredagen den 26 april kl. To our knowledge, this is the first detailed diallel partitioning of the sex-specific genetic architecture for fitness, shedding new light on an old question. I arbetet med denna avhandlig har jag använt en vilt infångad population av fröbaggaen Callosobruchus maculatus för att undersöka dessa två underliggande mekanismer bakom upprätthållandet av genetisk variation för fitness, samt vilka potentiella konsekvenser de kan ha för en populations anpassningsförmåga och för bibehållandet av sexuell reproduktion. Det är dock känt att denna grupp av fiskar uppvisar en anmärkningsvärd variation i könsroller och ornamentik, vilket gör dem till en idealisk grupp för studiet av parningen mönster, sexuell selektion och sexuellt utvalda signaler. Thus males are forced to search blindly for mates following male- and female mucus trails indiscriminately, consequently reducing male-female encounters and costs of superfluous matings for the female. Journal of evolutionary biology 23 12,

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Mate choice and its evolutionary consequences in intertidal snails (Littorina spp.)

It may include eg previous versions that are now no longer available. Theory predicts that sexual reproduction can increase population viability relative to asexual reproduction by allowing sexual selection in males to remove deleterious mutations from the population without large demographic costs. Convenience polyandry has been suggested as an explanation for the apparent lack of female precopulatory mate choice and the extreme promiscuity in L. Such SA genetic variation can therefore maintain genetic variance for fitness. We note that our results imply that SA alleles that are sexually selected for in males may be underrepresented or even lacking in panels of inbred lines. Using theories of sexual selection and sexual conflict to improve our understanding of plant ecology and evolution Å Lankinen, KK Green AoB Plants, plv Regardless of whether mutations were induced via F-0 males or females, they had strong negative effects on male LRS, but a nonsignificant influence on female LRS, suggesting that selection is more efficient in removing deleterious alleles in males.


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